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Engineered Hammers for working at height

Common causes of dropped hammers include fractured hammer or fibre glass handles resulting in the hammer head coming off unexpectedly, hammers left at height unsecured and hammers slipping out of the user hands. Because of the weight of these tools, it does not take a lot of height for the drop to generate sufficient energy to cause serious injury or worse. Check out Stopdrop Tooling approach toward eliminating this risk.

Hammers & Striking tools

We support industry workgroup DROPS

Within the oil and gas industry, everyone knows the potential cost of a dropped object. It’s not just about equipment damage and lost production. It’s about life! The problem is common to everyone in the industry, across all regions, sectors and disciplines. DROPS is an industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects, with the ultimate goal of delivering a second nature dropped objects prevention strategy across our industry. DROPS is essentially a Global Work Group, represented by 200 operators, contractors, service companies and industry bodies, all sharing commitment and enthusiasm for the common goal of dropped object prevention.

Stopdrop Tooling is a member of DROPS Online and sponsor of the Experiential Virtual Reality Training DROPS Metaverse.

Check out the recent DROPS Asia Webinar sponsored by Stopdrop.

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About us

Stopdrop Tooling provides hand tools which have been designed to prevent being dropped when Working At Height. Our complete solution for eliminating dropped objects caused by tools is the preferred option for the Oil & Gas
industry. Stopdrop Tools have been developed and manufactured in accordance with the industry best practice, these recommendations and risk management guidance have been created by a global workgroup of over 200 companies called DROPS (dropped object prevention scheme).

Our high-quality tools are engineered with dedicated, non-removable attachment points that do not compromise the functionality or ergonomics of the tool. Individual tool components such as ratchet sockets, hammer heads, pipe wrench jaws and file handles are reliable secured and tested to destruction.

Tools are secured using a range of lanyards including high quality webbing, heavy duty wire and extendable coil options, all version are fitted with a screw gated carabiner on each side.

Our range of tool kits are provided in highly durable cabinets or mobile Pelican cases which assists tool management on site and can prevent tools from being misplaced or left at height after a task. Tools are housed in double colour tool control foam and are laser engraved with your asset/department name.

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