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Global Gravity lands 5 year contract with German Oil and Gas operator.

Global Gravity is pleased to inform that we have been awarded a 5 year contract by German Oil and Gas Operator DEA (Deutsche Erdoel Aktiengeschellscahft) following a European tender for supplying tubular transport frames.

The contract was awarded to Global Gravity on having the best technical solution combined with a commercially attractive offer. The contract includes Global Gravity’s TubeLock®, a patented Tubular Transport Running System (TTRS). Furthermore the contract include manpower onshore and offshore together with servicing of the patented product in the years to come.

The contract commenced on Friday 1st of June 2018. DEA have decided to load all tubulars from 2 7/8” to 13 3/8” in TubeLock® systems. The TubeLock® system saves valuable time offshore where time really matters. The TubeLock® TTRS is furthermore a much safer solution than other products in the market. The system use less space on the rig, leaving more space for other activities, letting operators optimize their processes offshore.

Advantages of TubeLock® at a glance

On delivery, the drill pipes, tubulars, and casing are rig-ready, while saving space. Workers will also be saving time storing and securing the tubulars. Using locked tubulars will increase the crew’s safety. TubeLock® will save you space and processing time thus keeping your business running at all times when switching from wire bundling to Rig-ready TubeLock® Running System.

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about us

Global Gravity is based in Esbjerg – the Energy Metropolis of Denmark.

We have extensive experience in base- and rig-operations and are dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of handling tubulars in the offshore oil- and gas industry.

With our unique field proven TubeLock® TTRS and our dedicated skilled people, we are ready to serve the demanding industry.

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