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Complete hydrocarbon removal from process water to less than 1 ppm

Clean water is a precious resource and clean water is getting more and more precious. The Oil and gas industry uses large amounts of clean water. That will be contaminated with hydrocarbons during use. Removal of all the hydrocarbon particles from the process water is still proving to be difficult.

ProSep’s Osorb Media Systems (OMS) now introduces a full hydrocarbon removal from process water to less than 1 ppm.

OMS is a highly porous, hydrophobic, and organophilic particle. The captured hydrocarbons are recovered during the regeneration process. OMS media will last up to 20 years.

The trial with OMS together with PDO at the Marmul Water Treatment Plant is now successfully completed. To read the trial details please follow this link to SPE Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT)

Osorb Media is both an adsorbent and an absorbent, utilizing physical bonds to capture hydrocarbons and organics while forming no permanent chemical bonds between the media and the sorbates. This lack of permanent bonding enables regeneration and repeated reuse of the media in addition to recovery of the contaminants held in the media’s matrix.

The technology also removes vapor phase and micro-droplet hydrocarbons from natural gas streams to improve the value of sales gas, increase burner efficiency, and manage other environmental gaseous emissions.


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