water in oil measurement, Phase Dynamics
water in oil measurement, Phase Dynamics


real-time measurement

of fluids through pipelines
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Phase Dynamics is the leading supplier of Analyzers for the measurement of water and oil for the Petroleum Industry. Our expertise is precision real-time measurement of water in petroleum pipelines and for well testing. With over three decades of field-proven equipment installations, Phase Dynamics offers a feature rich portfolio of products to meet your measurement needs. This includes Fiscal Measurement (LACT), well testing, and tank dewatering, among other applications.


The real-time measurement of water percentage in flowing fluids through an oil pipeline is a dynamic challenge. The technology must be up to the challenge. For over 30 years, Phase Dynamics has innovated to set the industry standard.

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The CCM Meter is a technologically advanced way to efficiently separate gas from liquids in a compact footprint and then accurately measure the amount of gas, oil, and water produced from a well.

Measuring fluid flow water percentage requires a sensor technology that is highly responsive in real-time. Phase Dynamics’ patented oscillator load-pull technology responds instantaneously to the dynamic changes in the composition of the materials flowing through the Analyzer’s Measurement Section.

For example, our Low Range oscillators have a sensitivity around 2,000,000 Hz per 1% change in water. Unlike capacitance probes it is not affected by the coatings because it is a full bore and length measurement.

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Process grahic measuring the amount of gas, oil, and water in the pipe flow

The calibration system is another critical area of innovation. Each Phase Dynamics Analyzer is factory calibrated on in-house developed calibration loops where temperature, pressure, and material properties are tightly controlled and monitored as they flow through the Analyzer. Each Analyzer leaving the shipping dock is fully characterized and ready for years of dependable service.

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Water-Cut Analyzers

Phase Dynamics Water-Cut Analyzers are real-time instruments that measure the percentage of water in hydrocarbons. They offer the best measurement uncertainty in the low water range on the market, and are the only Analyzers that can measure the full 0 – 100% water range with reliability in both the “oil-continuous” and “water-continuous” phases. Water cut Analysers are also referred to as BS&W Analysers, BS&W meters or basic sediment and water meters. Other terms often used are water cut meter and water cut monitor.

The Phase Dynamics Pro-Cut Truck Unload Water-Cut Analyzers measures the percentage of water in crude in truck unloading applications. Its measurement range is that of a Mid Range Water Cut Analyser, with an uncertainty of +/- 0.5%. It is typically used in heavy oil transport in Canada.

PPM Analyzers

The Phase Dynamics Parts per Million Water Analyzers are a new extension of the Phase Dynamics Water-Cut technology. The PPM Analyzers are highly sensitive real-time instruments developed specifically for use in the oil industry to measure parts per million water levels in condensate processing.

CCM Meters

The Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meter is a flow meter used for well testing and production measurements. It combines the proven Phase Dynamics Water-Cut Analyzer with the latest design of a Compact Cyclone to separate the gas from the liquids more efficiently and in a smaller footprint compared to two phase and three phase separators. Using conventional methods and standard industry-recognized components, it is used for production measurement and well testing.

Fiscal Skid Analyzers

Another pipeline application product is the Phase Dynamics Fiscal Skid, which combines a Phase Dynamics Low Range Water Cut-Analyzer with a corilois-type flow meter. Its proprietary electronics streamlines the calculation of net and standardized process variables and the collection and graphing of daily, weekly or monthly process data.

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