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World’s most powerful rubber coated and permanent magnets now in the UAE.

With V-MAG 70© & V-MAG 340© our finest goal is to help our customers;

  • Reduce total cost of an installation
  • Speed up installation time
  • Reduce weld inspections and hot permits
  • Create a safer installation methods in Explosive & Flammable environments

The V-MAG multipurpose Neodyme magnet is the perfect product in an ever-changing environment. The V-MAGs are constructed using Neodyme magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available, furthermore the Neodyme magnets does not lose its magnetic force over time. They are coated with a layer of black EDPM rubber which has outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance.

“Gang-Up” multiple V-MAGs for additional pull force. We have designed solutions with lifting capacity of 17 tons.

Key features

With over 2 million units in operation the V-Mag© is the perfect neodyme magnet solution for you.

Proven track record
The V-Mag© neodyme magnets have a 12-years track record, 2 million units in operation and declared best in test.

Easy assembly and dismantling
V-Mags© require no welding or surface treatment and are easily dismantled and assembled without special tools.

A dependable solution
V-Mag© magnets are wind- and weather-resistant, UV-resistant and do not lose magnetic force over time.


The size and color of the V-Mag© can be tailored to the potential need of the costumer. Furthermore, they are delivered with pre-fitted A4 bolts in stainless steel, which allows for a custom fit.

  • No welding needed
  • No painting or modification needed
  • Easy and fast fitting/retrofit on existing constructions
    Can be removed or relocated without damaging the construction


Size: 94x34x17mm
Lifting capacity: 70 KG
Premounted bolt: 1xM6x15mm

Size: 175x60x21mm
Lifting capacity: 340 KG
Premounted Bolt: 1xM8x15mm & 2xM6x15mm

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V-MAG © Neodyme Magnets Applications

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