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Conductor & Well Casing Repair & Strengthening

MADCON offers highly technical and patented marine and subsea services to the offshore oil & gas industry, as well as inland / civil works. We are an industry leader in structural strengthening, corrosion prevention, life extension solutions, and restoration of aging oil & gas wells.

  • Strengthening Conductors & Well Casings (Patent Protected)
  • Structural Bonded Underwater Repair Clamp (Patent Protected)
  • Platform Structural Strengthening
  • Precision Structural Grouting
  • Splash Zone Repairs / Corrosion Protection (Patent Protected)
  • Topside Repair / Abandonment & Decommissioning
  • Concrete Repair
  • Timber Repair
  • Riser Maintenance & Repairs
  • Diving & Support Vessels

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about us

MADCON Corporation was formed in 1987 and has been operating offshore in the Gulf of Mexico since 1994. MADCON’s corporate office is located in Pearl River, Louisiana and employs the industry’s most qualified individuals. MADCON’s strengths lie in the diversity of services offered, dedicated employees, and unmatched safety record.

We take pride in being a safe and resourceful company which offers flexible, high quality, and technically advanced solutions engineered to specific customer requirements.


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