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Perfect hydraulic reconditioning service

Hydraulic reconditioning service for hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors close to your project sites.

Test before decision

Having issues with hydraulic parts is costly. Because of the machine downtime and because of the pasts replacement cost. Micron Al Yaseah offers a good solution. Saving you time and money. With the report generated by the comprehensive hydraulic test facility you will get an indepth review of the hydraulics components issues. Together with an estimate to refurbish or replace the component. So you can decide with confidence to refurbish or replace a hydraulic component.

Trained engineers with full access to OEM manuals. Working in a clean room to test the function of hydraulic components.

Test outfit

Micron Al Yaseah Ogiss offer an innovative computerized hydraulic test bench, unique for the Abu Dhabi region. The test bench operates at a maximum of 400 Bar. The test bench is suited for testing pistons, swash, van, redial and cartridge pump and motor units.

Decision time made easy

The complete test report gives your company the instrument to decide to refurbish or replace the hydraulic part.

OEM Specifications

Refurbishment projects will be carried out fully complying with the OEM specifications.


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about us

Micron Hydraulics was founded in 1984 and rapidly earned its standing as THE specialists within the field of hydraulic pump and motor repair. Obtaining the results that customers require and deserve.

At Micron our skilled TEAM understand that when a unit breaks down – your business does too. We know that every second wasted increases downturn and therefore your costs. This is where we really have the edge as we are not bound by big business rigidity and can be reactionary to get you operational asap. Most emergency repairs are turned around within 24 hours! Our team will also advise any visible reasons for unit failure and offer preventative advice to limit any further problems: we care about your business not just the item we are repairing!


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PO Box 3949 – Abu Dhabi
Commercial queries: 058 516 9329
Technical queries: 050 393 8784