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Stop welding and bolting

The V-Mag©’s are constructed using Neodyme magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available, furthermore the Neodyme magnets does not lose its magnetic force over time. The magnets are coated with black EPDM rubber which has outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. The magnets are delivered with pre-fitted A4 bolts in stainless steel for speedy mounting of the attachments.

The advantages of V-MAG© magnets over welding and bolting

  • No welding needed
  • Easy and fast fitting/retrofit on existing constructions
  • Can be removed or relocated without damaging the construction

Available in two sizes
Lifting capacity: 70 KG
Premounted bolt: 1xM6x15mm

Lifting capacity: 340 KG
Premounted Bolts: 1xM8x15mm and 2xM6x15mm

Download V-MAG© information
Download V-MAG© casestudy


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