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Enterprise Document

Management Systems

OpenKM is a powerful and easy-to-implement enterprise electronic document and record management software that enables businesses to efficiently and systematically capture, store, manage, secure, maintain, and distribute corporate information assets with the goal of facilitating knowledge creation, optimizing business processes, and improving decision-making.


  1. Bringing all your documents in to a single secure repository so that those can be managed centrally
  2. All Users can have quick access to required documents based on access rights
  3. Apply workflows to flow the documents through the organization
  4. Admin have clear visibility across his network to prevent any security breaches’
  5. Secure re-production of documents with watermarks
  6. Availability of complete audit logs

Business Case

Implementation of EDMS

for Agro Harapan Lestari

Recently DMS successfully implemented the OpenKM system at Goodhope Holdings/ Agro Harapan Lestari (Pvt) Ltd.

The project deliverables:

  • Implementation of in five Companies under Goodhope Holdings including multiple locations in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Sri Lanka.
  • Total Document/ Data Migration Volume from IBM Filenet –1,700,000
  • 30+ Scanning Centers
  • Facilitating high demanding 130 + Users
  • Average per Day Document upload Volume 2,000+

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DMS is a Software Development and IT Services Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE, having its large development center in Sri Lanka, R & D and Software Testing Center in the Republic of Ireland and IOT products & services Company in Australia. Its resource base exceeds 600+ IT professionals.

DMS is a group of companies with over 40+ years of successful operation in the IT industry in Sri Lanka & 25+ years in international market.

It represents many of the leading Information technology Companies in the world. Some of these include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Entrust, Diebold Nixdorf, Ingenico, Cisco, Gerber Technology, Citrix, VMware and Lenonovo.


  • Administration Tools
  • Automate Tasks
  • Automatic Document Classification Electronic Signature
  • capitalize on Accumulated Information Security Integration
  • Capture Information from Digital Sources
  • Collaborate with Colleagues on Documents and Projects
  • Configurable Mail Message Notifications
  • Document Pre – visualization
  • Metadata Capture
  • Records Management
  • Records Retention, Disposition, Destruction
  • Task Manager
  • Tracking System
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Engine

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