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DICTUMPRO Software solution suite


Al Yaseah for advice and for software implementation

Optimize efficiency, operational performance, safety and asset reliability for the Oil & gas industry

In the business and environmental complexity of today, companies active in large industries find it more and more difficult to realize increased economic performance, to justify costs, to use mature assets reliably, to take better decisions on production improvement and control economically and safely the operations. DictumPro is suitable for any kind of continuous or batch industrial processes such as oil, gas, refineries

With the DictumPro you will be in the position to:

  • detect early and predict process bottlenecks and equipment failures;
  • prescribe optimized modes of operations in normal and abnormal conditions, even if deviating from design operational envelopes;
  • adjust dynamically and preventively maintenance campaigns, avoiding so premature and surprise shutdowns;
  • diagnose quickly and accurately the causes of process irregularities and unexpected failure of critical equipment;
  • review and control criticality and risks for process and equipment;
  • optimize and streamline safety and operational procedures, while controlling and optimizing the economic bottom line of your operations.

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